15 April 2014

Spring Break & Shoulder Update

This past weekend we wrapped up an intentionally busy busy Spring break. We called it our first "staycation" and all four of us had a blast! By Friday evening our kiddos were showing the signs of meltdowns in a restaurant, that's when we knew we really felt like we were on vacation, ha ha. Unintentionally overtired from activities. My pictures uploaded in reverse, but the week included the Daffodil Parade, dinner with friends, meeting sweet new Sage, fighting a cold, celebrating Kelly's 32nd birthday, Pike Place Market (flying fish, doughnuts, first Starbucks and watching Georgiana be invited to sing a duet with a street performer, hands down the best Itsy Bitsy Spider ever), El Camion Taco Truck (YUM!!), Wiggle Works, Woodland Park Zoo with Ashley (have I blogged about Ashley being home, because she is and the Smiths are pumped WOO HOO!), Spring Fair, Gymnastics birthday party with preschool friends, family BBQ and wrapped it up with an absolutely delicious birthday dinner with Kelly's parents at The Lobster Shop. 
Full. Fun and oh yes Frozen. Georgiana Lee sings and quotes Frozen NON stop. 
Not so shockingly our little Levi now has a cold :(
He was exposed to quite a few germs this past week and somewhere along the lines he shoved some in his nose and mouth. He's still in the put my fingers in my mouth stage. 
This first picture cracks me up! I asked Levi to please go get his shoes from the shoe basket, and he very proudly came out wearing sister's pink crocs. Look at his posture, ha ha!! Love him. Needless to say, the Easter bunny came early and he is now the proud owner of a black pair.
 Birthday party at Roach gymnastics. Georgiana put herself in charge of letting kids go down the slide. I am shielding her from being called "bossy," but oh dear I can see how that word could come out, she has quite the leadership skills. The crazy thing is, the kids all listened to her! I heard more than one child say "she's in charge, wait until Georgiana tells you to go." I've already instructed her that if she is ever the leader of a talent show group, she absolutely must let her friends go to the bathroom during mandatory recess rehearsal, the apple does not fall far, oh dear indeed...
 Do the Puyallup!
My nephew Taye sent us a flat Stanley to show around our state. It has been such a fun little project for Georgiana, we've been trying hard to remember to snap pictures of him on our adventures. 
 Georgiana absolutely had to have a picture with this "motorcycle bike." She had me text it to our Uncle Roger. When I first took her picture, she was horrified because "Mom, you can't even see the bike!" Here is take 2:
 We've entered the stage of fake sleeping. So convincing :)
 Sometimes I just like to capture the everyday little moments that shape this stage of life.
 Ashley and Georgiana on a crazy dragon reptile statue, similar to some of the creatures Ashley encountered in Thailand (thankfully not that big!).
 "Momma, Levi and I want to do a silly face." 
Well, at least Georgiana wanted to. Levi is obviously thrilled to be participating. 
 Here's one of his smiles at the fair, ha ha!
 Back to the zoo (not sure why the order is so scattered). 
Levi was Ashley's buddy, at one point he shook his head at me and reached with both arms for Ashley. When she left for Thailand, Levi was only 3 1/2 months old, and he was kind of grumpy (sorry buddy, but it's true), it makes my heart do the happy dance to have her back with my now easy going happy little guy.
 Back to a fair pic, face paint, aka arm paint. A choo choo and a horse.
 We saw this view a lot this week. 
Our little trooper took a lot of his naps in the car. I was excited to let him get a nice crib nap in yesterday. It's fun to be out and about, but it's also really nice to have time at home.
 Birthday dinner at none other than Georgiana's go to birthday spot, Red Robin. Thankfully Kelly loves it too :)
 And I guess we are back to a zoo picture. Anyway, we were hoping my Aunt Michelle would be proud of this picture. Georgiana in full on navigation mode, checking out the map and planning our route :)
 A preview of years and years and a few more years down the road. Adventures with Ashley!
 Seriously such a fun and playful little guy!!
 Daffodil parade.
We got soaked!!
 Soaking up the sermon at church and soaking up snuggles with Levi. Soon he will be like his sister and beg to go to Sunday school with her friends.
 The picture is blurry, but neither of them are crying and they are still both too cute for words so I had to post it. Georgiana and Oliver. We called them the twins!
 Georgiana thought she and Levi should practice holding baby Sage. Don't worry, Levi didn't graduate to holding a real baby, and Georgiana took her (very supervised) job very seriously :)
 Sage is like a living doll. SOOOO precious. She and her mommy, Stefanie, with both amazingly generous to let Georgiana hold her and hold her and hold her some more. She's been asking if we can have a play date with Sage almost everyday since. One of my favorite things was when Georgiana looked over at Stefanie and said "I bet me and Sage will play together when she's bigger." I bet you will little dollies!
 The musician Georgiana jammed with. 
 Birthday coffee!
 Wiggle works, such a fun and CLEAN place. The toys were being sanitized the entire time we were there, I loved that. 
 More wiggling. 
 More smiles.
 Two girls.
On another note, Kelly finally had his MRI on Saturday morning. He went to his doctor yesterday and learned that he has two tears in his shoulder. So, now we are just waiting for L&I to approve his surgery. The doctor is guessing it will be sometime in the next month. Post surgery, Kelly will be looking at about a 10 week recovery give or take depending on how the surgery goes. Not to sound dramatic, but he is miserable. He is smiling in the pictures, but he is in constant pain, and not a mild amount. So, please keep him in your prayers, it's going to be a bit of a journey to get him back to 100%, but Praise the Lord for modern medicine. Kelly was down on himself the other night as I was attempting to get the house in order, I reminded him that the reason I feel so overwhelmed is because he  usually does SO much, he still is so helpful even with only one usable arm. It's true, I was appreciative before, but boy oh boy will I be even more appreciative when he's back to normal. His doctor also told him that L&I has been heavily investigating shoulder injuries, so to be mindful of what activities he is doing in our front yard etc. L&I, if you are tracking us down on the web, I can guarantee you the injury is legit, stop by anytime, get the investigation over and approve this surgery please!! Kelly way over did it at the zoo with picking Levi up so much, he was laid up on the couch that evening and wore his sling to the fair. This too shall pass. Georgiana is already counting down the days (months) until she can tackle daddy!

11 April 2014

Norwex Website

I'm not sure why, but my Norwex website was down again. 
I just got off the phone with Norwex, they didn't know why it wasn't working either, but the good news is it is up and running (and will hopefully stay that way!).
Here is the link:
Please let me know if you have any questions, and please feel free to pass the site along to anyone who is interested.
Thanks so much!

04 April 2014

This first picture was taken a couple of days ago, the kids (and Kelly!) love to use their Toy Story blasters and go hunting around the house. Levi has quite the sound effects, if only you could hear them from the picture. Also, the remnants of a fort are in the background. Our house often looks turned upside down, and often that is just how the little Smiths would like it to be!
 Another Levi smiling picture. 
I cannot get over his grin!!!
 Today there was an open play date at our church. They have had it the last two months and we've had to miss due to not feeling well, so we were all excited to get to go and fellowship with our friends. They had a small bounce house that even Levi was able to climb in and jump in, it was so fun to watch the little ones play and get to visit with friends. It was the first time I was able to really let Levi do his thing and visit while he and Georgiana both played. Hard to believe he is growing up so fast!
 The sign of a good play date (picture below). 
Levi fell asleep in the car and I didn't want to wake him up by taking off his shoes.
It didn't seem like the most sanitary or comfortable thing to put him in his crib with his shoes on, but as for the comfort part I figured he naps in his car seat with his shoes on and I don't think anything of it. Levi's eyes are usually slightly opened when he sleeps, he's been that way since he was first born. Just a Levi thing :)
 I was thankful Levi napped well because this evening we went to the Olympia Children's Museum. 
It was SO much fun! 
This was our first time going and the museum was huge, clean, and FREE! 
The first Friday of each month the museum is free from 5pm-9pm, even the parking is free on Free Fridays. We assumed that we would not be the only ones attending a free night, and I would say about half of Olympia was in attendance, but still we had a great time. 
Georgiana Lee riding a goat, sporting her Elsa hair. Lately she requests here hairdos by princess, "May I please have Belle hair momma..." Today was Elsa, but thankfully she was happy with a side ponytail, I need my sister or cousins for the more challenging hairstyles!
 Look at Levi's little (or not so little) tummy. 
Hanging out in a play kitchen. Cooking pumpkins picked from the pretend garden.
 Trying to capture Levi making silly faces and contracting all sorts of yucky germs, but having a blast at the same time! Georgiana said this vintage pickup truck was her favorite exhibit, that's my girl! 
 Lastly, what a great idea to store markers.
The lids were glued into the wood that was drilled just a bit (no pun intended), with a bit the same size as the lids.

I'm exhausted. 
Goodnight blogworld, hope you have a happy weekend.
Tomorrow is the Daffodil Parade, should be another fun day!

30 March 2014

Erin & Timmy's Wedding! (Just a few pics)

Two beautiful bloggers got to meet in person. I insisted on a phone pic, so sorry it is blurry ladies!!
Ashleigh & Bridget
 I love catching up with friends, so much fun!
Stephanie, Bridget, me, Ashleigh
 The stunning bride!! We danced the night away, Georgiana and Levi loved the glowing necklaces. I think G thought they were a souvenir we brought home for her :)
 Before we headed to the wedding, I asked my aunt to snap a picture of Kelly and I. It's rare, like super rare that we are wearing non drooled on clothes, hair down, makeup on, you know looking like semi put together peeps, so we wanted a pic. Kelly took off his arm brace for the picture and we stood next together. Georgiana insisted that she had a better vision for the pic. She placed us like so. Not what we had in mind, but it ended up being our favorite pose, ha ha!
 Well, this one is probably our favorite :)

4 posts, feeling a little more caught up. Phew.
Good night blogworld.

March 2013

Was this really a year ago!?!
 My girl who used to not like any sugar, ha ha!
 My dear friends who I miss like crazy, they moved to a sunnier place :)
 More dear friends, yikes has it been year since I last saw them!?! And look at my baby boys bald spot on his head! He used to rub the back of his head on his crib. 
 Meeting Erin's then boyfriend Timmy, they are married now!

 Jen, Kea, me, Lindsey and a little photo bombing from Brian. I think Ryan is responsible for the bunny ears.
 My little family and sweet Maggie!
 A year or so behind on blogging, some scrapbookers would say I'm ahead of the game. Some days, most days, I don't think I was meant for the post this now or it never happened era. The more I become okay with my pace the less stressed I get :)

I still have Christmas pictures to post, I may just have a Christmas in July post later this year...

A few days of phone pics

I did a little March update in the post below, but a post just doesn't seem complete without some pics. So, here are a few phone pics from the last few days :)
Below, my "all boy" little Levi refusing to take off sister's princess Belle heels. He walks quite well in them. 
 I text this picture to Kelly next, one moment I turn around and he's wearing heels, the next he's wearing camo rain boots. He just likes shoes.
 Georgiana, being oh so P.C. "Mommy, I was making my hands brown, you know like brown people." Thank you crayola for being so washable.
 "Who's excited to go to the gymnastics field trip?"
Georgiana yelled me and threw her hand up, her little shadow was quick to follow.
 Cuddles with Kenzie. Kelly said "Kenzie" today and Georgiana said, "you mean Makenzie..."
 Georgiana snapped this picture of Levi napping in his carseat. I thought it was sweet.
 Not the most flattering picture of myself, but I said "Levi smile," and he made this face, LOVE love love his smiley face.
More pictures on the way. A whole month to catch up on!