08 October 2014

Little Farm at Windwater

These pictures uploaded in an order all their own, but at least they made it to the blog!
Back in June, we celebrated Georgiana's 4th friend birthday party at the Little Farm at Windwater in Auburn, WA. We cannot say enough wonderful things about the owners (Farmer Bob and Farmer Linda), they were amazing and so easy to work with. The price was less than I would have ever guessed, and I am guessing that we will have a little cowboy party there somewhere in the future. 
We didn't have quite enough time to open gifts at the farm, so we continued the celebration at home. Yes, that would be a pink bb gun. Hence the pink ear protection in the previous post. It's locked in a safe and she takes the ownership of this "work tool" very seriously. I never thought I would think bb gun and adorable in the same sentence, but just look at her:
 As I mentioned, the pictures uploaded in a random way, but I am just happy to have them included in my online scrapbook. Here is Georgiana with her best ballet buddy, Keira. There was a playhouse that the kids loved to explore and hang out in. 
 My only regret was not taking a picture of all the kiddos, or at least trying! There were about 30 or so little ones running around and having a blast! When guests first arrived, there were carrots and bread and other food set out to feed all sorts of animals. They had everything from a giant hog to baby peacocks. 
 Here's Levi with a beautiful peacock.
 Georgiana with some of her buddies. It was such a beautiful day, we were so thankful for great weather!
 Lots of smiles :)
 Bubbles and games and lots of space to run and play!

 The Birthday Girl!!

 We served snacks and cupcakes. Watermelon cups, raisins, carrots and hummus, pirates booty, fish crackers and go gurts. I tried to think of snacks that the little ones would actually eat. Those all seemed to be a success! I used self sealing clear bags for the carrots and fish, I loved how crisp and cute they looked and how easy it was to just grab a snack and not reach into a germy chip bowl :)
 I ended up baking the cupcakes, only because every single grocery store was booked up days in advance and could not take an additional order! It was crazy, but I have forever learned that Georgiana's birthday weekend falls right around graduation season. FIVE times I heard "it's graduation weekend, we are booked!"
 The favors were bubbles with a thank you tag/ribbon and burlap sacks filled with saltwater taffy. Costco has a huge bag of taffy at a great price!
The bubbles came from Fred Meyer, I happened to get them on a buy one get one free deal, making them each only $.50. The burlap sacks came from Hobby Lobby in the wedding section, also 50% off and the ribbon and paper came from their too. I have learned that everything at Hobby Lobby is on a revolving 50% off schedule. I had to pay full price for the ribbon, I contemplated making a second trip out to get the ribbon on sale too, but then Kelly reminded me that that was a little silly. Gas, time, life, those are all factors to consider.

 My aunt Michelle and grandma came to help and I was SO thankful for the extra hands and eyes! 
 A lot of excitement!

 Holding bunnies swaddled up like babies. There was an entire room in the barn that looked almost like a bunny nursery. So sweet. 
 Levi, contemplating attacking the farm cat! 
Don't worry, no animals were harmed.
 Such a beautiful place for a party!
 The search for a birthday venue all began when Georgiana came up with the idea that she really wanted to ride a horse at her party. I looked into having ponies brought to her party, but that was almost triple what it cost to have her party at the farm. It was really a no brainer! I am so thankful that another mom shared this barn tip with me, I would have otherwise never known about it. They even do parties in the fall and winter, they have indoor seating in the heated barn, that's what I hear at least. 
 Each child got to take a pony ride, Georgiana grew quickly attached to Blue. 

 Precious little Levi in his green frog clothes.
 Farmer Bob and the birthday girl.

 Fun with friends!
 Two happy and very tired kiddos!
 The table scape. 
 Wonderful memories amidst a crazy time. 
Kelly was only a few weeks post surgery at the party and I was really coming down with laryngitis and bronchitis. June was a lot of highs and lows, I am just thankful we all felt well enough to really enjoy the party! 

07 October 2014

Levi had his two year old well child checkup on Saturday, he is 36 1/2" tall and weighs 27 lbs! He is still in the 90th percentile for his height and the 30 ish percentile for weight. If the wives tale is true (doubling a child's height at the age of two), then Levi will be 6' 1" when he is grown, Georgiana will be 5' 7". We shall see…
Levi also got his blood drawn for an allergy screening, and praise the Lord, he tested negative for all of the food allergies in the screening! So, it looks like it was penicillin for sure that caused his super scary, yucky, don't want to ever relive it again allergic reaction in January. I am so thankful, I just feel like a penicillin allergy will be a lot easier to protect him from than a food allergy. Peanut butter is allowed back in the Smith house, pumpkin shaped peanut butter cups here I come!!
He picked out a blue lollipop and we decided to let him go for it. I was not a fan of his blue lips, but Kelly asked me to snap a pic. Levi felt pretty cool with his big boy candy!
After his doctor's appointment, we headed to Gig Harbor for the early afternoon. 
I have myself convinced that I would like to live there. I miss the water, relatively speaking I do not live far from the Sound, but compared to a few minutes away or seeing it daily, I definitely miss that!
We then went to Tristan and Tatum's birthday party. Georgiana got a cross airbrushed on her arm, and she was quite convinced she had never had anything so amazing on her arm! The next morning, she said "Allie is so sweet, I wish I could see her everyday." Me too Georgie girl, me too.
Sunday was church, a rare nap and a delicious roast dinner. 
While I napped with Levi in my very messy room, Georgiana and Kelly were sorting hunting gear and cleaning up the garage. When I woke up, Georgiana told me that some of our friends stopped by to pick up a tool. She said her little friend had to use the bathroom, so she very proudly told me that "I showed her the bathroom (we are still without a downstairs bathroom, so the kids' bathroom upstairs), my room, my fish AND my momma!" 
What!?! I thought I had heard the door open, but I figured Kelly was just grabbing something out of our room. But, no, that would be my Georgie girl giving the grand tour to her little buddy. She told me she whispered and pointed to the bed "that's my momma!" Her friend said "that's your mom??" Georgiana replied, very proudly, "yep!" 
Oh my word. Thankfully the rest of the house was semi orderly, but I have a genetic condition that causes my bedroom to quickly accumulate with obscene amounts of laundry and randomness. Even when the rest of the house is spotless, my room is, well it is usually not. I can only imagine what her little friend thought, seeing her momma just sprawled out on the bed in the middle of the afternoon amidst chaos of clothes!?! I seriously nap less than 3 times a year, and yet there I was in all my splendor. Poor little friend is probably traumatized.
Cest la vie.
In other news, Kelly is feverishly working on getting our floors 100% finished and our downstairs bathroom in working order. Tonight he was putting hardwood flooring in our mudroom area, which is more like a hallway ish style with a bench. Anyway, the nail gun was echoing extremely loud, so he wanted the tiny ears in the house protected. 
Not so shockingly, we happen to have ear protection for the whole fam.
So, here we are making smoothies. Just another day at the Smith house.

 They make me laugh SO much!!
 I am off to work on a Norwex order. I reactivated my account, so if you are interested in ordering anything, just let me know!

03 October 2014


I purchased a pumpkin cheesecake soy candle from Target this week, so it is officially Fall at the Smith house. If you need a little coziness to your home, I guarantee this candle will do the trick, we are all in love with it. I've been missing the smell since last year. Fall scents are by far my favorite!
In addition to the candle, the return of school has most definitely marked the season. My little Georgiana Lee started Pre-Kindergarten. She absolutely loves it, and my heart just aches. I do not feel at all ready to have her gone as much as she is, and it just makes me anxious about kindergarten. Whatever happened to part-time kindergarten!?! I feel yucky at the thought of her being gone that long. Little Levi already asks about her at least a dozen times while she is gone, and nearly every day he points at her car seat and says "Mommy, Georgie, Georgie!!" when we are loading up after dropping her off. Poor little guy is just convinced that we forgot her. Breaks my heart. 
Anyway, I totally sound like a Debbie Downer, so how about a cute pic:
 I lightened up this year, Miss Georgiana Lee got to pick out her outfit from head to toe and direct mommy on how to do her hair. "An Elsa braid please," I did my best. We have an arrangement that seems to be working out quite well; I get to do her hair on school days and she gets to style her hair on non-school days. She is very technical, so I say "style" because that means that mommy gets to at least brush it out, she is blessed with epic morning hair. And, I say school days because thankfully she is okay with me also doing her hair for Sunday School. She will do well on the debate team, she doesn't miss a thing.
 Reunited with school buddies!
 The first day of school also marked her first day back to ballet/tap class.
She was pretty pumped!
 This next one is blurry, but I love it all the same. 
She takes it very seriously, precious little ballerina.
 Georgie girl was under the impression that we should take a picture every day before school, ha ha :)
 I had to sneak a Levi pic in, he's not so much a fan of early morning pictures, but he had a character shirt on this day so he was in a good mood, ha!
 And shorts, the little man loves shorts and a Thomas book for the car ride. 
 Another before school pic. 
While uploading these pictures, I noticed that Georgiana often tilts her head to the right for a picture. 
I noticed the same thing in my pictures, ha ha. 
Georgiana and Levi do not get to watch much tv, but Georgiana has continued to enjoy an episode of 19 Kids and Counting while brother is napping. She likes to watch "The Duggars," as she calls it. We often play the Duggars, which just basically means I am called some sort of 'J' name. Here she is playing Duggars.
 Let me zoom in so you can take a better look.
Can you guess what season we were watching?
If you guessed the season when little Josie was on oxygen, you would be correct. Yes, Georgiana's dolly is on oxygen and that would be Jennifer next to her. 
 I am not kidding when I say this little man gets happy with a character shirt. 
This particular night he picked this out for bedtime because sister's pjs had Minnie Mouse on them, his bear and moose were simply not going to do!
 He loves to make us laugh. Here he is with a pacifier and floss pick, he thinks it is hilarious. His giggle is contagious, which I love!
 He's showing me some of his muscles!
 That would be a baseball tee with a rubber basketball being hit by a golf club. 
He's a jack of all trades I tell you!
 It was a mostly beautiful September, I tried hard to get us outside as much as possible. I know the long grey days are on their way, ughh. 
I love this picture of these two cuties. 
 Georgiana's face says it all.
This would be toilet number two or three. 
The first new one ended up being an obviously used one, gross.
The second new one had wax ring issues.
Third one had greater wax ring issues.
Did you know wax ring issues equal water leakage?
Did you know water leakage equals damaged floors?
Thankfully, I know a guy who can replace them.
The to do list never stops.
And, it turns out with the thickness of our floors we need an extra thick wax ring. Oh the joys of DIY, but at least the problem is solved! 
If you are curious, no we do not have a finished downstairs bathroom yet. 
But, it is in the works!
 One of my favorite things is walking in on a scene like this:
 My little Levi.
Remember how I mentioned how he loves wearing character shirts? Well, it appears the compromise for wearing a non character shirt (aka the most adorable button up shirt ever with corduroy elbow patches), is not wearing pants. No pants. All day. 
And yes, he still only wears crocs. 
 We noticed that Levi only had pink and princess options for his beverages. 
So, we took a little trip to Target.
He was thrilled!
Peek a...
 Georgiana suggested we take our picture because our hair was styled the same.
She's a little girl, not a baby or even a toddler, a full on little girl.
 A little girl who loves petting goats!
Levi is equally as passionate about petting goats. Every goat he encounters he walks to look at them face to face and says "hello goat," it is adorable every single time. 
This summer, we pet goats at Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo and here we are at the Puyallup Fair. Hands down without hesitation Disneyland is the cleanest place to pet a goat, or any animal for that matter. It's like it doesn't even smell. Pee hits the ground, magic dust is instantly put on it and then it is swept away. Surprisingly the zoo came in dead last for cleanliness. Perhaps we were there on an off day, but it was like walking around inside a giant litter box, nasty.
 Levi calls his pacifier an "appy," he was saying "two appies" and laughing so hard!
 He takes a long time to wake up (like his daddy), I'm pretty sure this was a weekend morning, he's much happier not being rushed!
 Superstar day!
She chose to bring her fish for her show and tell. After I cleared that with her teacher, I thought to myself how in the world am I going to carry the snack, a fish bowl and a wild monkey (aka little Levi)!?! Well, I had a sturdy box from a recent Costco trip and I loaded Mickey Mouse Fish and the snack up and had a free hand for my little Levi. Easy enough. Sure, it was going fine, Levi was not running around too crazy, he saved that for the pick up time, thankfully a friend saw me struggling and helped with Mickey, but anyway… I just thought it was a little funny how many mom's were saying "oooohh what did you make for snack?" Or "mmmmm yummy snack time!" I was so tired and focused on trying to get all of us to the classroom alive, that I didn't even catch on. It was only when after parading around the school and setting the box down on the teachers desk area, did I notice that the box was working so well because it was a sturdy liquor box. Pictures of giant margaritas for all to see. The snack jokes all made sense. Lovely.
Did I mention that on the way to pick Georgiana up that day, I was pulled over for speeding? The first time I have ever been pulled over for speeding! That was of course after Levi climbed out of the cart at Target, only to throw a colossal fit and go limp noodle and draw a bit of attention to us. That was of course just after he opened the bathroom stall for all to see mommy at Marshalls. It's hard to chase after a little guy mid wipe. Graphic, TMI, but very true. Praise the Lord he didn't get far!!
He also chose to only wear pjs that day. Still, he probably looked better than his mommy who was wearing an old maternity shirt and jeans that I should have taken back to the seamstress. I am fairly certain I didn't request one high water ankle and one standard hem. But, when those are the only clean pants that fit, well you do what you gotta do. 
Needless to say, Georgiana was the superstar that day, not mommy.
Last weekend, the kids and I headed to a new community with my aunt Michelle and Grandma for their Fall festival. They had horse drawn hay rides, booths, free tasty food trucks and other activities. 
Levi had no interest going on the hay ride. He did however request that I follow the horse around. Which I did. He and I strolled along until the horses took off out of the neighborhood onto a trail. 
So, we walked around and ran into the Seahawk mascot!
Levi was less than thrilled. 
Poor little guy, this post is making his personality sound really high maintenance. He really is quite chill, he's just a little quirky and very very passionate :) He throws fits like they are out of a movie, I never knew children really did that. But, he will also sit contently on my lap for a 3 hour plus dance recital and he is happy to cuddle and read books or build a train. He's a boy all his own!

 When the hay ride was over, Georgiana was thrilled to meet him!
 And now, something I most definitely didn't picture myself doing, posting pics of our unfinished projects. My friend Christy asked me to text her a picture of our kitchen, she knew it wasn't going to be finished and she said no need to clean up. So, I decided why not share the pictures with my blog. 
We have cabinet trim, lots of painting, shelves and a few other bits and pieces to do, but if you are a curious one like myself, you will enjoy the progress pictures.
Hands down my favorite thing is my gigantic single bowl sink. It is huge and I love it. We painted the cabinets, took down a cabinet, changed the back splash, changed the pendant lights to semi-flush lights, chopped down the raised counter on the peninsula, went with quartz counter tops, put bronze gold splurge Pottery Barn cabinet hardware on the cabinets, painted the kitchen buffet and replaced all of the floors. If you can't remember what the before was like, it was all maple. Maple cabinets, maple floors, tan ceramic tile back splash and matching counter tops with a white ceramic sink and low hanging pendant lights. I am sure I have before pics somewhere, but here you go with the close to completed after pics:

 Sunday school at home :)
Georgiana and I did a little project about creation. She asked me how/why God made light on day one but didn't make the sun until day 4? Great question! She'll be asking a couple people at church on Sunday, I love how her mind is thinking. 
 The boys made a little detour at Legendary Doughnuts before coming home from church. 
If you become accustomed to eating Legendary doughnuts, you find yourself wanting to eat two or three grocery store doughnuts at one sitting, Legendary doughnuts are insanely huge!! 
 He was so happy with his football doughnut!
 Georgiana said "It's a doughnut beard! Mom, this is so funny you have to text it to grandpa!" Ha ha, she loves to send her grandpa funny pictures :)
 This morning.
These moments make my heart full. 
Holding hands.
My prayer is that they will be true best friends.